Thursday, October 26, 2006

Your couch my couch

Sofa, Settee, Couch. So good they named it three times. Oh but it is great isn't it? Your couch I mean. Or my couch at least, because of course it stands to reason that your couch is never going to be better than mine. You probably feel the same way about your own. A couch is a very personal thing. Some people say that your bed is usually the most important piece of furniture in your life, after all you do spend an obscene amount of your life cocooned within its warm folds. But beds are all pretty much the same, more or less, unless you happen to have some crazy four-poster affair - in which case you probably aren't reading this but are either courting royalty or sleeping with a footballer.
But with the couch there are just so many more variables. high arms, short back, cushioning, vallance - all are important things to the couch connoisseur. The couch is the first thing you appraise when walking into someone's living room, and you don't feel comfortable in a house until you've sat down on it.
My couch is great. It's a huge dark blue thing that looks about as lazy as I usually feel. It seats three comfortably, and so is perfect for swinging your legs up onto it completely, or alternatively houses other people or a fanned-out array of channel zappers and DVD remotes with the greatest of ease. It is perfect for either snuggling or more formal occasions. Although my house has very few formal occasions, I will opt for as many opportunities for snuggling as I can get.
How many coins and candy wrappers have worked their way down into the little nooks between the cushions? How many small items have been lost under it?
If anyone takes the time to leave comments on this article, I'd love to hear about your couches. Take a breath when you are about to sit down, savour the moment, and take a seat. Describe how it feels. Could it be better - a little softer maybe - or is it a wondrous feeling to take the weight off your feet for the first time in a day? Do you feel guilty about spending so much time on it? What do you do on it; watch TV, play videogames, kiss?

Tell me about your couch! This is important Join The Road research.